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VF Performance Upgrades now well and truly available!


The long awaited VF Commodore and HSV range of vehicles are turning up at our door more and more, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Autotechnique, by way of the VCM Suite tuning software, now have the ability to tune all of the V8 variants including the GTS, either Mafless (known as speed density tuning) or whilst retaining the Maf. This was a relatively painless exercise as the VF shares the same E38 power control module as previous VE models – one of the main differences being an updated operating system. Autotechnique use the VCM Performance all-new VF OTR for all intake upgrades due to its clean design and unmatched results. The main difference between intake options for the VF compared to the VE range is the mounting points for where the OTR is secured to the front of the vehicle – the VE has ve-otr-maf-athese points from factory whereas the VF does not. The VF OTR may look similar to the previous VE OTR,  but cleverly there are additional brackets included in the kit which effectively create these mounting points meaning no modification needs to be made to the vehicle that cannot be undone, resulting in a clean finish along with the superior performance.

In regards to the power train, the VF SS and non-HSV V8 continue to utilise the same engine and drive train as those found in the late VE’s – namely the L77 (AFM based 6.0L) and a choice between either a 6 speed automatic or 6 speed manual. So what does this mean in regards to performance upgrades? It means that all of the quality camshaft and valve train components that have undergone rigorous testing and backed by impressive real-world results can be confidently fitted to the VF as they were used on the VE range over the past 7 years. Thorough workmanship and reliability of our work are some of the reasons our customers choose to stay with Autotechnique. As such, we insist that all L77 equipped VFs to be fitted with the VCM Performance AFM/DOD delete kit if the cam is being upgraded to one of our high performance/high lift grinds. This kit replaces the L77 lifters that sport a small spring that can, and will eventually break with a high lift camshaft causing severe lifter noise and potential engine damage.

The exhaust for the VF non-HSV models retain the VE style cast manifolds as well as the same centre exhaust section. The rear mufflers are slightly different however, and as such we now have specific exhaust solutions to suit. We can supply and fit a complete exhaust system – front to back, no matter what your application may be.

The VF HSV (excluding GTS) range utilise the LS3 6.2L engine, which was previously found on the VE GTS and Maloo variants. These also come with either a 6 speed automatic or 6 speed manual, for which we have clutch upgrades available from an everyday pedal-feel option all the way up to a triple plate organic clutch for really serious contenders. One of the extra items unique to the HSV models is a bi-modal intake. Simply put the design is based around a flap located in the lower half of the air box that opens up under higher revs which thereby lets more air in. The other stand-out feature is a bi-modal exhaust which performs a similar role – a flap in the rear outlet of the rear mufflers opens up the further you push the accelerator. Both are great options from factory, and again we do have options to fit full aftermarket exhausts to suit the HSV range as well as an OTR option for those looking for even more horsepower from an already impressive factory setup.

The VF GTS comes from the factory with a 1900 supercharged 6.2L capacity engine, but it is not an LS3. Instead the GTS comes from factory with the LSA engine which has a compression ratio of 9.0:1 compared to the LS3’s 10.7:1. This particular engine has the highest output to date from Holden, and being fitted with a 1.9L supercharger on around 6 psi of boost, it is in an all-together different category. Added to this a completely different auto trans to the regular VF range along with upgraded diff and drive shafts from factory, the GTS is a very exciting vehicle to drive out of the box. However, enough is never enough. As such, we have seen great gains as high as 30 rwkW from a tune alone on the VF GTS. Perhaps the new Magnuson Heartbeat 2300 supercharger could suit the GTS owner that is always looking for that little bit extra? Upgrading the factory supercharger to the Heartbeat is also very cost effective seeing as the GTS already comes from the factory with an magnuson-supercharger-aintercooler kit, bigger injectors and tensioner.

The Heartbeat front drive front entry supercharger range is hence our preferred forced induction option for the VF as well as the earlier VE variants. With incredible results upwards of 150 rwkW+ at 9 psi boost gained from only fitting the supercharger kit on our own automatic VF LS3, why would we look elsewhere?

These and other performance options are available through Autotechnique. If you have a performance upgrade plan that you would like to discuss with real people with real passion, give the team a call.

VE-VF Performance Upgrade Kits

By specialising solely in late model Commodore enhancements we have created a range of proven packages delivering from mild to medium to radical performance.

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